Building a Micron-Dot Drawing

When I’d started this drawing, it was inspired out of just a doodle, a youtube video, and a sparked interest in this fancy new-fangled pen I’d found at the DAAP Art Store. I was walking the aisles looking for double sided tape when I came across this puppy – a 0.20mm micron pen. I’d watched a video earlier in the week where an artist made a micron dot drawing consisting of 3.2 million dots. Video for 3.2 million dot drawing

Anyways I started out making the bucket simply because I wanted to get a feel for how difficult it would be and how long it would take to shadow my objects. Feeling a little more comfortable and with the fear of a shaky hand gone, I started on my minion-esque creatures. I wanted them to be as featureless as possible. Only their eyes would determine their personality because eyes can say so much. The intent was to portray a look of suspicion, deceit and anger for someone hurt their flower. I thought the juxtaposition between the simplicity of the dudes and the complexity of the flower. Then I wanted them to be close against a wall from some futuristic time. I wanted shapes to be emerging out giving the walls face a strange layered impossible texture. I tried to hint that certain parts of the wall hinted that they would weave over and under one another. Finally – and in retrospect I would have made a copy first, I added some greatly thinned acrylic paint as a glaze over the wall. I say I would make a copy because honestly I think this piece is more affective black and white. If I were to add color in the future it would be so ever slight that it would be almost un-noticed. That being said it was added to reinforce the emotion of the drawing.



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