How I paint.

I start off by prepping my canvas. I’ve talked in length about this before in a previous post, so I’ll keep it short. I gesso 3-5 times and sand then attach my canvas to my supporting structure.  This painting is a 4×6 foot board made of standard quarter inch ply and a few 2×4’s on the back for rigidity. I wanted my figure to be based in reality but she herself would have a sort of fauvism feel. I was trying my hand at fauvist influenced work after having looked at Andre Derain and Matisse’s work. Anyways I first started by mapping out my painting in pencil. Then to speed up the painting process on this large canvas I blanketed in large areas of color with acrylic paint as a base coat. I like using acrylic with a bit of self leveling gel to give it a smoother appearance. however when you top off your acrylic with oil paint, you still get a bit of the brush strokes so you can still mess with a nice texture.I mapped out the background first because ya know – art is hard and figures poorly done look so. So I did as much prep as I could and started on my figure. The goal was to initiate a study in warm and cool color in relation to light an shape, foreground and back. Although I feel i’ve succeeded in many ways, I think that to go for ‘fauvist realism’ I have a bit more work. But this is a painting I’d rather spend a bit more time with. In reality, 35 hours in I might be only just a third of the way there. As Id worked along I began realizing that bringing my figure into existence was making my background quite flat. So as a result I began to add texture and build up the shape of my figure as equally as I could.




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