Artist Interview – Drew Yakscoe

Drew Yakscoe was a former classmate of mine, a few years ahead in school. He’s a painter and a print maker and ultimately, just kind of a badass fresh out of school as a young professional in the art world. Anyways I sat down with him the other day in his studio to see what was up and what he’s been doing since he’d left his undergrad. Here’s that interview:

How long have you had a studio?

Since February 2016

Why did you get a studio?

To spread out and not feel confined by my supplies.

How do you financially support your artwork? (through sales, salary, grants, etc.)

I work full time at the Art Museum and sell my artwork.

What are the problems you face in getting your artwork done?

Scheduling in time work on my artwork with my 8-5 working hours.

What do you do to market yourself as an artist?

I post finished artwork and in progress artwork to Instagram, facebook, twitter, and tumblr. Im beginning to set up a store envy site as well.

What type of person buys your art?

Mostly my girlfriend’s mom so far. But younger audiences and those familiar with modern art seem to enjoy it most.

What are your greatest challenges as an artist?

Getting work done.

What are your greatest rewards as an artist?

Seeing a finished body of work hanging on a wall and imagining where it may be hanging years down the road.

What recommendations would you give to an artist who is just starting out?

Stop searching for great ideas and let ideas come to you while you are working.




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