Cedric Michael Cox

So this guy was kind of intense and came off as a little pompous but you know I think by the end of his speech, he earned his right be as such. He’s an artist that came up from a relatively well off family but otherwise he was just like any other guy in art school. But he never said no to any of his opportunities and as a result things kept happening for him. He kept hammering in the view point that if you’re going to be an artist – BE AN ARTIST. Those who fail to have any success in the art world are those who haven’t put themselves out there enough to allow for them to succeed. He also said don’t be a baby while putting yourself out there. If you let people walk all over your work, if you let people try and direct your work, and if you let people get in your way while trying to succeed with your endeavors, then they will. Once your out of school it becomes competition in a sense. Make your thing better and will a fuller concept than the other guy and above all don’t lose your sense of what your art yours. It was a really inspirational and honestly one of the more helpful artist presentations we’ve had this year. I’d really enjoyed the talk. So yeah Cedric Michael Cox is a badass.




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